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There was an increasing interest in bats in Norway during the 1990’s, NIFF was established as a result this in May 1997. First as a Norwegian organization, from May 2004 we became an international organization covering the five Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland).

The organizations objectives are to:

  • map and monitor bat populations,
  • work with measures enhancing the protection of bats and their environment,
  • distribute information to the general public and management authorities.

Today, over 200 people are members of NIFF. Most of these have joined one of our 7 regional bat groups. Many members had prior to their membership little interest in nature and conservation, and become members solely because of their genuine interest in bats. Around 1/4 of our members are school pupils and another quarter are house owners with a bat colony at home, wishing to learn more about their tenant. However, NIFF also includes scientists and others who work with these bats on a daily basis.
          If you are interested in working with bats, you may join a bat group, or contact with one of our contact persons. Membership of a bat group includes a membership of NIFF.




NIFF is a democratic membership orga­ni­zation. Anyone interested in bats may become a member of our organization. This does require that you accept NIFF’s Articles, support the organizations work, and pay the membership fee required. Membership follows the calendar year, and stays until you notify the organization in writing. Members younger than 11 years are not excepted.[1].
      All members are updated on activities and trips through our newsletter Lešrblaka Express. All new members also receive the 36-page booklet Vi studerer flaggermus (How to study bats). Most of them also receive the membership bulletin Gudnjoloddi and new brochures. Type of membership decides what material the members receive.

Ordinary membership
The membership is valid for one year.  All ordinary members receive our bulletin Gudnjoloddi and the local bat group newsletter where these occur.

God parents
Families who are lucky to host a bat colony in their house might become a member. There is no membership fee. However, they are required to give a report on the status of the colony every year. They may also note when the colony arrives or departs for the season. Especially important is annual count of emerging bats. This way the population may be monitored through many years. An own brochure has been made for the godparents.
      The godparent receive the local bat group newsletter, as well as the newsletter Husgjesten (=the House Guest) or Gruvetrollet (=the Cave Troll), depending on if their colony is using their site during summer or winter. New members also receive the booklet Vi studerer flaggermus (How to study bats*).

Youth membership
Membership is valid for three years. They receive the booklet How to study bats* and the newsletter to the local bat group. They do not, however, receive our bulletin Gudnjoloddi. New members must pay their membership fee in advance before receiving any written material. Youth members are 11 to 18 years of age.

Lifetime membership
Ordinary membership that lasts as long as the members address is valid. The membership fee is 15 times higher than that of the ordinary membership, and the money is put aside to a fund for long term projects. Lifetime members have the same rights as ordinary members.

Lifetime supporter
This is a passive membership for institutions or people who only wish to support our  work. These members only receive our Articles and Annual Report whenever they are updated. Membership is active as long as their address is valid.

Institution (suporter)
These receive the magazine Gudnjoloddi, newsletter Lešrblaka, new brochures and reports which is published the year of their membership. A membership implies that the institution acknowledge the following statement: “We support the objectives of NIFF stated in their rules, and their good practical work (as described in the Annual Report). As a member we wish to show our support for the work of the organization” Institutions have no right of influence to the work of NIFF.

Institution (subscription)
Same apply as for supporter membership, but the institution have not acknowledged NIFFs objectives or work on bats. These receive the magazine Gudnjoloddi and newsletter Lešrblaka, but need to pay extra for additional material.

The following types of membership/subscription is valid for 2017-2019:

  • Ordinary                       NOK     100,-

  • Youth                           NOK     100,-

  • God parents                  NOK         0,-

  • Institution (supporter)   NOK     290,-

  • Subscription                 NOK     300,-

  • Lifetime (ordinary)        NOK  1.500,-

  • Lifetime (supporter)      NOK     310,-

  • Lifetime (e-mail)           NOK         1,-

[1] Information is to advanced for younger age groups.





Last updated 26 January 2019