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During recent years the interest for bats, bat mapping and research has escalated in the Nordic countries. A number of persons are now involved in several projects. First it was discussed whether or not to make a Norwegian newsletter. However, from an ecological standpoint, it would be more appropriate to include Fennoscandia as a geographic region. This would promote cooperation, development and awareness within this region. Secondly, this newsletter would give useful information for the authorities managing bats through the European Bats Agreement.
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Fennoscandian Bats is an international newsletter distributed to more than 25 countries with a circulation of 500. In addition, Fennoscandian Bats is distributed to other newsletter publishers, scientists, libraries and management authorities.

The newsletter is being published occasionally with a biannual preference.

Geographic range

Fennoscandian Bats include news primarily from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Russian Karelia. For practical reasons Denmark has been included.

Guidelines for authors

Any person or organization may contribute with articles or notes to Fennoscandian Bats. However, news concerning Fennoscandia will be given a priority.

Except for the names of countries, all names of places are to be written in the local language. If the local name (e.g. Lappish) deviates from the common usage, please include both names. If possible, please avoid to consider political boundaries in your text.

The standard language being used is US English. However, articles are also excepted in Danish, Finnish, Lappish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish.

When writing the reference list to your article, please follow the lay-out of Mammalian Species, or preferably, check back issues of Fennoscandian Bats. International standard book number1 (ISBN) and international standard serial number2 (ISSN) must be included, as recommended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). If a publication does not have such a number, this most be indicated (e.g. "No ISBN").

Whenever possible, secondary sources of reference should be avoided. If only secondary source has been available, please mark this in front of the reference in the text like this: (e.g. Walter 1985).

We prefer to receive any article on an IBM compatible diskette saved as a Word 6.0 file (or any older versions). Please also include one printed version of the article.

Subscription rates

Subscription is at present free of charge. However, we welcome any donation made to the newsletter. It is recommended to inform the editor every third year if you still wish subscription on Fennoscandian Bats, since you otherwise may be removed from the mailing list.



Index for Fennoscandian Bats nos. 1 - 5 (1994-1997)


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  6. Gjerde, Leif. 1994. Hibernocula destroyed, 3000 bats killed in Rogaland County. Fennoscandian Bats 2: 2-3.
  7. Gjerde, Leif. 1995. Mapping advertisement calling Vespertilio murinus. Fennoscandian Bats 3: 1,4.
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  11. Prieman, Julia. 1997. Atlas of Dutch Bats. Investigation on distriburtion and ecology. Fennoscandian Bats 5: 4.



Fennoscandian Bats 1 - 1. June 1994.

  1. NØBI and Pettersson donate detectors to Bulgaria. Pp. 1.
  2. Atlas on bats in South-Eastern Norway. Pp. 1.
  3. Popular Bat Excurtions. Pp. 1.
  4. Østensjøvannet - an eldorado of bats. Pp. 1.

Book reviews and meeting announcements are not included in this index.

The following issues have been published:
  1. 1. June 1994
  2. 20. December 1994
  3. 20. December 1995
  4. 30. December 1996
  5. 1. December 1997

This list will soon be updated.



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