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NIFF is constantly developing new brochures and booklets of various topics. All municipalities and County Environmental Agencies have received information from NIFF. Over 50 public and university libraries have one or more of our publications. It is important to distribute information to the general public, and this is an efficient way of carrying out bat conservation.

NIFF publishes the bulletin Gudnjoloddi and newsletter Leðrblaka Express. Also three report series’ are published. Several bat groups publish their own newsletters.




Periodicals (in English or with English abstracts)

Gudnjoloddi                               ISSN 0809-2362
Any active organization with respect for their work have their own periodical, NIFF included. Distributing information to members about results and projects is essential for all organizations. For god­parents and passive members a periodical is often the only contact they have with the organization.
Gudnjoloddi is published biannual; every spring and fall (between seasons). Every number include reports on the previous season, as well as information on the upcoming one. Each number include articles on bat fauna studies, good foraging localities, international news and Nordic news.
       The name Gudnjoloddi is an old north Samí word which was mentioned in the 3 volume word dictionary to Konrad Nilsen in 1932. The word Gudnjoloddi itself means bat. The name was chosen since it can not get confused with any other bat periodical. The word is also easily pronounced in most European languages.
Circulation: 300.

Leðrblaka Express
This is the main newsletter which is sent all members to NIFF. It is published irregular and whenever needed. It includes reports from trips and projects, including announcements of new trips. Leðrblaka Express is held by some school and public libraries.

Templum Chiropterarum
This is the newsletter to the working group “Bats in Sacral Architecture”.

Fennoscandian Bats
For the more advanced members an English newsletter, Fennoscandian Bats, is published irregularly. It contains news and articles on bats in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Russian Karel (usually addressed as Fennoscandia). Fennoscandian Bats has a circulation of 500 and has a free subscription.




Report Series’

NIFF publish three rapport series’. Manuscripts are accepted from members and colleagues, students or other persons who’s work has been sponsored by NIFF; or where others have carried out bat work interesting to NIFF. Manuscripts are accepted if the results are in part, or as a whole, not previously published. The final decision is made by the editor

NIFF Rapport     ISSN 1500-1717
(NIFF report*) This is NIFF’s main report series. It contains results from larger projects such as atlas work, assessments and annual reports. There are certain requirements to the reports contents and lay-out.

NIFF Notat     ISSN 1500-1725
(NIFF Brief*) Short communications with temporary results or final results from less exten­sive projects. Only few requirements to the reports contents and lay-out apply.

NIFF Oppdragsrapport     ISSN 1502-072X
(NIFF assignment report*) This report series contains the result from external projects carried out on assignment. The assign­ments may vary considerably in financial budget, coverage and objectives. Therefore, the reports may vary considerably in contents, lay-out and circulation. Some reports may be confidential, or parts of a report may not be available to the public.



English Brochures and Booklets

  • Nordic Chiroptera Information Center (NIFF), a presentation. 2005. 1. edition. 26 pages. ISBN 82-7905-066-3. Circulation: 200.




Last updated 26 January 2019